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مجموعه فوق شامل 14 عدد طرح مختلف بوده مطابق با فایل نمایشی قابل رویت که با فورمت های وکتور ( سی دی آر کرل دراو ، ورژن 14) و ( پی دی اف از طرح وکتور) قابل ویرایش , #مرداب_انزلی Instagram posts (photos and videos) - Woqqi

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Making dimension objects

Making dimension objects Share Keyboard Shortcuts ; Preview This Course As you measure the linear dimensions of an object in AutoCAD 2015, it can also be helpful to know how to select the proper layer on which to lay new dimensions In this online video, you'll learn how to make dimension objects with ease, as well as how to work with .

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