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Apa Sherpa Foundation

Apa Sherpa was born in poverty and rose to become the greatest climber in the history of Mount Everest Apa struggled greatly to obtain a modest education in his youth and worked diligently to provide for his family amidst difficult economic circumstanc

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Dr Nath

(Houston - March 1, 2004) After not being able to raise his right arm above his head in December 2003, A South African swimmer who holds the national record for the butterfly stroke, finished third place in the 100-meter butterfly finals during the South African Swimming Team Olympic Trials on April 19, 2004, qualifing for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens

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Safecracker (2006)

Safecracker (2006) The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure by Kheops Studios Hints and Solutions by MaGtRo August 2006 NOTE: Please use these solutions only as a ,

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